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Geology & Forestry EquipmentPocket CompassDC60-1A/6400NEW

Surveyor’s Lensatic Military Pocket Compass with 360-deg/6400-mils Dials, 0-90 deg

Inclinometer and vibration-damping liquid,ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking,

navigating, camping, hunting, geology exploring, surveying, etc.

Model: DC60-1A/6400
(Compass Mils, NATO mils)

1. Sighting System:
Lensatic style for more accurate reading and measuring

2. Outer Circle (Luminescent Dial):
Range: 6400mil (64×100mil or 32×200mil);
Interval: 200mil; Min Graduation: 100mil; Estimated Reading: 50mil;

3. Inner Circle (Rose Dial):
Range: 360º; Min Graduation: 2º; Estimated Reading: ±1°

4. Eyepiece Dial:
Range: 6400mil (64×100mil or 32×200mil);
Interval: 200mil; Min Graduation: 20mil; Accuracy: ±10mil

5. Inclinometer:
Range: 0-90º; 0-400%

6. Vibration-damping Liquid

Filled with white mineral oil

7. Color:
Army Green, Camouflage....

8. Material:
Zinc alloy Casing, Tempered Glass

9. Scales:
Rule: 0-15cm; Scale: 1:25000

10. Thread:
1/4" to be connected to Laser Tripod (with 1/4" Adapter)

11. N.W.: & G.W.:

N.W.: 290g; G.W.: 326g (w.Box and Accessories)

12. Unit Dimensions:

13. Ambient/Storage Temperature:
°C ~50°C (normal-temperature storage suggested)

14. Accessories:
Standard Cloth Bag, Flannelette, User Guide

15. Packing Details per Shipping Carton:

Qty: 50pcs (10pcs*5 small boxes); G.W.:15kg; Size: 0.033cbm (26cm×25cm×50cm)

Note: The Specifications would be subject to change without prior notice.

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